Analytics & Tracking

Gathering customer data and using it to strengthen your website, marketing approach, advertisment campaign or more cost effective advertisments. 

Analyzing ad performance in real time, along with website analytics to gauge the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, advertisements, landing pages and your overall website. We then use this information to create stronger marketing campaigns or tweak landing pages to maximize efficiency. 


Lead Capture & Email Marketing

Gather customer emails and use them towards a  new marketing strategy. 

We start by developing a lead capture campaign to gather e-emails from users visiting a webpage. Using the emails gathered we design and develop a unique e-mail marketing campaign to drive sales, awareness for a new product, or referral based marketing for existing customers. 

SEO Blog Writing

Increase SEO Rank by applying a blogging strategy. 

Keyword focused content rich blog writing for SEO. We begin with a competitor analysis, and topic research on subjects and terms that are relevant to your keyword strategy. Using this research to develop unique ideas for content, and follow through with professional copyright & graphics.


Blog Ideas 

Student Housing   Student Rentals   Off Campus Housing

- Finding a student rental after first year

- 5 Things I wish I knew before moving into student housing

- 10 House rules every student rental should follow

- Student Housing 101 - Choosing the right roomates.


Conversion Rate Optimization

An increase from 1% conversion rate to 2% could double your products sold / leads captured.

Conversion rate optimization is improving your entire digital marketing approach to increase sales or leads. We analyze everything with customer data in real time to target what part of your campaign or website is losing users and fix it. 


Keyword Strategy

Relevant keywords to help users discover your brand, website and content

We start by analyzing the most relevant keywords in your field and what keywords your competitors are using. Based off the data gathered we develop a keyword strategy for your brand to helps customers find your website, content and advertisements. 

Image by Priscilla Du Preez